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But none of that still adds up in my opinion about the snake wanting to bite your hand.

If you are feeding with tongs, why would your hand be anywhere near the snake anyways? I fed in cage and I have yet to be bitten during a feeding. And as for distractions I don't really understand that either having anything to do with it being in cage as a snake can just as easily be distracte d being moved and placed in a box. When my snakes smell food, nothing distracts them. I could blow a whistle and dance and they wouldn't look up. And I am not really a prey item to a 1 pound snake if you know what I mean.

Not to mention I can't really fed a 50 inch snake in a bag or box and then *also* fit that bag or box back into the enclosure. I guess with little babies or smaller colubrids but this wouldn't work at all for my larger ones. Which means I would have to handle again to remove the snake, after it eats, and in my mind that would be the number one time to get bitten during a feeding aside from obvious mistakes.

I just wanted to share that I have never had a problem feeding in cage, and I didn't understand the logic about the feeding box. I still don't, so its in cage for me. IMHO

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