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That is an excellent post! one of the best i've seen in a while! Most people don't realize "I have a 14 foot burm... well at least it's not poisonous.." they don't understand if you got within 2 feet of a cobra it will hit you... if you get within 4 feet of a 14' burm. it could kill you before you had time to open your mouth to scream. Many people here are going to disagree with me . But i feel that you should need to attend classes and aquire a license to own a snake that will on average grow over 10 feet. Kids around here go with their $80 .. $100 and get a baby burm yea it's cute and about the size of a ball python.. but that snake will eat your young... Sorry i'm going crazy. I just can't stand it.
Linds is right the other day i was driving down US1 a large highway here in america. On the side of the road at a gas station i saw a SMALL guy .. he was tall about 6' but weighed about 110.. and he had this HUGE burm around his neck .. went from one ankle to his other knee after circling his shoulders. I was sickened. With the noise of the cars, and the stress of being outside that snake is probably freaking out. If he has the balls to do that, he would have the balls to play tag with a gabby. I promise.. one more rant and i'm done.
Also, Pet stores NEED to take responsibility. That shouldn't NEED to, but they do. Right now i can go into a local shop and get a retic for around $150. There is NO WAY i can care for that snake in a few years. The pet shop owner doesn't even ask. They always say "cash or credit?" not "do you realize this snake will be able to over power you in a few years?!" it isn't their responsibility technically. But take some pride in your animals. You wouldn't give a dalmation to cruella deville why would you give a snake that has the potential to get 20' to a 12 year old holding a 10 gallon tank ... GOD I HATE PEOPLE.... alright man .. i'm done..

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