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I know a few folks who are working with the El Salvadoran government to try and restrict shipping to keep sick animals out of the US. I've not heard if anyone is trying to restrict shipping to the other nations where Reptile Republic exports.

It's really an uphill battle though. Since El Salvador is a third-world economy animal rights are just not seen as very important. Human rights arent' very well protected there so animals suffer even more.

I've been working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of Agriculture to try and close the loopholes which allow sick reptiles to enter the pet trade. Each department seemed to think it was the other one's jurisdiction and the animals fall through the cracks. Ag only helps certain mammals. FWS helps native fish, birds, reptiles etc. and just a select few imported species. Every other herp falls through the cracks at present but folks are working on closing them up.
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