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This post really got to me and I was bawling for hours after reading it. It touches me personally because my first dog was put up for adoption... It was a really messed up time in my life and I had gone through unreal experiences (to put it quickly, I was the hostage and slave of a biker for a period of over 8 months). After the hell was finally over, I was a total mess. I asked my parents to take care of my dog for a little while while I got myself back together and since we had had dogs all our lives in the house while growing up I never thought it was a problem.

Well, 3 days later, my mom call telling me to come get my dog that she had had enough, I didn't understand as he was very well trained and obedient but apparently it was just too big for my mom's taste... I was in pieces and took him back but was still really messed up. A few days later my dad convinced me to give him up and bring him to the SPCA. I was so broken and couldn't take care of him right at that time so I agreed with my dad which was the biggest mistake of my life.

That was 6 years ago and I still cry about it all the time. It's the only thing that I can't forgive my parents for either, but I haven't told them that.

I have a glimmer of hope that my dog was adopted out as he was very good looking for his breed, relatively young and well trained. I recieved a call the day after I brought my dog in from a person wanting more information on my dog before adopting him. He sounded very nice and very responsible, he told me at the end of the conversation that he was going to adopt my dog the next day.

I never got the confirmation that he was adopted so I still wonder where my first baby is all the time and if he's doing alright. He would be 7 years old now...

I miss you and love you forever Pumba

Sorry for the rambling folks...
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