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werneri are not rare as wc specimens. But as captives i don't ussually hear to much about because not to many people work with them. Mainly because they are not on the wanted list when it comes to chameleons. Well personally i do not like them but they kind of remind me as a jacksons without the green and the extended crest.

As for spiney's they are big. the smallest i have ever seen them being kept in was a 4' x 2' x 2' (hx l x w). I think they are awsome in color but they need that 70% + humidity like most other furcifer chams and is a pain to give. How u considered and Oustalet's personally i love these guys but don't have the room for them.

as for breeders the only one i know of in in calgary and i am not sure if he ships to toronto, yet. well private message me and i will send you an e-mail for him.

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