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if you can afford them. lessons are always good . I took lessons for while in the beginning and it was great. if you just want to know songs or the basics thats what they will teach you. if you want to delve deeper then a good teacher will. before funds stopped coming i was learning all kinds of great techniques and modes and how to use them them and all kinds of scales, tunings and technique and styles. if you can get the basics of a powerchord, and maybe a few others to throw in the mix , some octaves then you can throw together a punk tune. But all the good punk bands have elements of other music and their own definition. me i'm in a band. We're just having fun . no shows or records planned. not even a name yet. We have a name that is tentative actually. Ghost in the Melody. we have some cool heavy stuff and some angst ridden oldschool punk suff and then some really nice distorted acousic guitar stuff. this is the first time I've ever had fun in a band.
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