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this chameleon is extremely rare. It has been illegal to export frog madagascare for 4-5 years i believe. This past 6 months many chameleon lovers witnessed the first shipment of them since they were illegal to export. getting us all excited we soon found out that this shipment was illegal and was confinscated by fish and wilf life. The chameleons were shipped around the country of the USA and barely any private breeder was able to get to see. One private breeder did report that this shipment was true by providing pictures of the animals (can be veiwed at

Whys is this species so rare? because this species does not take a year to mature like most chameleons. From what i remeber i believe it takes them four years to mature. This species need lots of room and have very different requirements than most other chameleons. I have talked to a number of keepers in the usa who are trying to breed this species but at this time most specimens are still maturing. The first F2 clutch was hatched out in germany a coupel months back i believe and that was the first clutch in 2 years from what i have heard. as you are starting to realize this species takes up alot of time, makeing sure everything is perfect and thats its in good condition.

This species of chameleon ussually is sold at 900 - 1500 american. Which makes it around 1500 canadian (at the cheapest) to accuire. I personally would never trust anyone thats has barely any experience with chameleons, sorry a couple veileds or panthers just isn't enough. But if you had success in keeping species like fucifer lateralis (carpet chameleon) or other rare chameleons that are rarely being breed and you have successfully bred them, than i would trust you with a parsons. Most breeders will look around and find out your successes before even saying that they will sell you a pair. whoa where did a pair come from. well since this species is so rare ussually they are sold in pair, hey this species is barely in the hobby we need more people trying to establish it better.

as for pot credit having one for sale, its probably a panther. most of the calumma species aren't even in the hobby and parsons hasen't been in a pet shop for 4 years. Well hopefully this explained the whole parsons thing to some people, and that i didn't just rant.

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