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If the Cal King does have water, and is being fed...the Animal Control probably won't do anything about it.

As much as it is obviously more healthy and mentally satisfying to the snake to have hides, they aren't needed for it to live or even live happily as some snakes don't need them. And a 15 gallon *is* small but I'd be more concerned if it was a 5 gallon to tell you the truth. A snake can live in a 15 gallon semi comfortablly for quite some time even though it may be slightly kings aren't the largest colubrids and some stay fairly small.

I would either talk them down in price, but for a two year old Cal King 200 is not to far over priced. I probably wouldn't be adverse to paying 150 for an adult (which a two year old almost is) california king if it was healthy. Or I would stick to talking with Reptile Rescue ( as I don't think any animal control will have enough of a problem with the cal kings care unless something else is terribly wrong.

Just my opinion.

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