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Several reptile and amphibian clubs and societies make rescue a part of their mandate - it is a very big component of what the Edmonton club does. They are affiliated with the local animal control office (dog pound) and SPCA and all abandoned or stray herps are turned over to the society. The society fund raisers and shows provide for the expenses that are required to make sure these guys are healthy and they are made available to club members for a nominal fee (which goes back to rescue efforts). They helped place over 50 herps in the last year. It is amazing the circumstances that some animals are found in - often lost by previous owners and found when someone new moves into the house. Many owner surrendered animals are iguanas unfortunately and the Edmonton society is working to educate the public about them and get local pet stores to promote more suitable lizards for first time pet owners. If you have a club in your area, it would be a good place to contact for rescues. If there is no club, you might want to consider getting one going. It may help with credibility in approaching city pounds and SPCA groups to help with rescues if you are part of a not for profit orgainzation instead of an individual.

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