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you might also post a flyer at a vet office or pet store and see if that might help. you could talk to a vet cuz sometimes they know of people who have snakes they cant afford to feed anymore, etc. but beware of people who want you to PAY them for a rescue. a rescue is NOT to make money off, in my opinion at least. If they cant feed the animal, they ought to give it away insteady of letting it die. some people have their burm, underfed, way too small for its age, at a pet store near us selling it for 200 on consignment cuz they cant afford to feed it anymore. no cage or anything comes with it unless you buy it AND their RTB for some high cost. you are doing them and the animal a favor when you take the thing, they ought to be glad. if you get some nice set up that might be worth the money, but all this of course is my opinion cuz we have seen our fave pet store's owners buy a bird for 600 bucks that had been abused and not taken care of.
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