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check if any of your local petstores sponsors pet adoption days ect. the petco here has a calender that gives the date the reptile rescue folks will be in the store. I agree with Dom, if you let folks know that you are willing to take in rescues people find you, the down side is most of the Giants are hard to adopt out, in most cases even Zoo's will refuse them so you are stuck caring for the animal long term if you accept it. One case here I remember there were 13 animals 5 of which were over 12 ft, I think there were 4 boas and a ball that were all over 4 ft, and the rest were young retics. The smaller ones adopted out fairly quickly, but he spent a couple of $1000 building housing for the rest that he never recouped. I have taken in a few myself but try to restrict it to smaller animals that I know I can get into good homes and venemous relocation.