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oh really it's a no win situation when it comes to dogs, as long as they are around their will be morons trying to cash in and look tough. there is no changing it..which is really unfortunate..the kennel clubs could really care less, they say they do but as long as they keep getting paid..and as for the un papered dogs doing most of the trouble, thats true, but in the world of professional dog fighting...and trust me thats a big world...your dog HAS to be registered with the ADBA..thats the reason the ADBA was founded, was to document the pedigrees of match dogs...all in all people breed for their reasons...i commend you on yours beth...if i sounded hostile at all, i wasn't intending to, i read my posts and felt i came off a little rude, i'm sorry, this is a conversation i would much rather have speaking, so much i want to say...but my poor fingers..anyways, we can all agree we have fine, beautiful
by the way, i love bandogges, have you ever been the molosser world website beth or grant? it's almost EVERY single mastiff a\nd bull breed dog from around the world, it's an amazing site. if you haven't seen it i'll get the web address for you, if you like these dogs it's a must. not a breeding site, just information and pictures
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