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78. when you are able to convert old furniture into herp cages without spending a ton of money
79. your kids teacher is suspiciously away ill everytime it's your kids show and tell day.
80. you can meticulously probe a snake in seconds but tear each and every condom you attempt to put on ..
81. you know what is on the nature channel for the entire week and cancel Friday night out with the guys to watch a rattle snake rerun
82. when you visit someones house and go dumpster diving in thier bathroom trash can for toilet paper rolls for baby snake hides
83. when you're invited to a formal wear dinner party, and you show up in a newly purchased snake t shirt.
84. you know how to convert your grandmas crochet hooks into snake probes
85. when your neighbours catch you on a daily basis crawling on your hands and knees around thier front lawns collecting dandelion leaves for your herps.
86. the cops have raided your house on more than one occasion for having a grow op because of your electrical bill
87. you are asked to see photos of your family in your wallet and all you have to share are snake pictures and a neatly folded up piece of snake shed.
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