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A spelling mistake is but a spelling mistake .. please lets not let this turn into an other soap opera ..

Mr. Surinemensis,

Try to look at the possitive aspects of a posts. I beleive almost all your post have been very citical and negative. Many ppl may find them very offensive.

If u do wish to be so technical, then many could rebutal your post and tell u the majority of collubrids (Pitouphis, most ratsnakes, kings, some milks, Spilotes) - theses are all the ones you chose to mention - very RARELY attaing the minimum of 7 feet requirement that Probe was asking about .. The spotteds/childrens, the rubber or rosie also do not even come close to the MINIMAL lenght that was asked..

Also, YES I know I have poor gramatical skills, I apologize in advance.


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3.4 West Papuan 1.0 Bred'ls
1.1 Yellow condas 0.1 Sebea

**looking for female Bredl's python**
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