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I fully agree with the points you have made.
i was not putting the blame on breeders or buyers, i just feel that with a strict enforcement on who can breed and who cant, there would be a better chance of having these dogs around in the future.
You arn't like most pit breeders, the many i have seen in the toronto area could care less about where there pups are going or whos buying them (or there health for that matter). and thats the reality. My opinion is based on the fact that there would be a greater control on whos doing what and whos going where if there was some sort of documentation for all of the breed.
right now there are plenty of pitts floating around with and without papers. and in most instances its the non-papered dogs causing the trouble and giving the rest a bad name.
Thats not to say that papered dogs dont fall into the wrong hands, because i have seen it first hand. But, with minimizing the breeding stock as well as the amount of unresponsible owners/sellers. the breed would be alot more well off.
i've seen pits being offered on downtown street corners for 50 bucks, others being offered in high crime neighbourhoods , i even stepped out of a club once and saw some guy trying to "chop" them to drunken couples.
if this was illegal. and the availability of dogs was minimized as well as the price raised, i really truly feel everyone would benefit.
and i think that there should be a system for controlling who actually owns these dogs as the discretion of most breeders just doesn't cut it.
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