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first off the superbowl isnt about the commericals, it should be about the game i am so glad the bucs beat the raiders since i am a broncos fan. I believed it was a very good game tampa proved the have 1 of the best defences of all time, it was possibly 1 of the best football games i have ever seen, to bad gannon had an off game or it would have been more interesting.

P.S. i MUSt say this i am sorry to say it.. i love you all a lot.. but russians are better at hockey ..*ahem*...
now if i do recall canada is the greatest hockey nation, and there are more candian players then russian, and we have a some of the greatest players off all times, russian players arent that good. and since they made the new rules the russian players havent showen us what they did back 2-3 yrs ago.
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