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39. You give your spouse heck for wanting to drive half an hour out of the way to find a better shopping area but you are able to drive clear across the country without hesitation for a herp show.

40. You open your fridge and cupboards to find a snack for when visitors decide to appear and all you have to offer them is jarred baby food, romaine lettuce and thawed mice and mealies.

41. Your spouse spending $40 on a new tool for work but you spend the next mortgage payment on a herp without a worry in the world.

42. You can name each hatch date of each of your herps, when they have eaten, shed and pooped last, but have to actually think about what date your kids were born on and haven't the slightest idea what they weighed at birth.

OMG!!! Now that I think about each and everyone of these points, and I am guilty of all of there a herpsanonymous?........
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