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hey Dunner, I can testify to the fact that I have seen on two occassions, a dog die from infection and blood clotting due to the ears being cropped. I am not too keen on the tails being done either, but I am guilty of that one so I can not be judgemental. As for the dewclaws being done, I agree with them being done because in the wild they are used for hunting and holding prey, but in captivity, the dew claws are not used, and I have seen countless cases of people bringing thier dogs in with dewclaws being torn or ripped just by simple snagging on furniture. They are very painful tears and the dogs can actually bleed to death if not sutured immediately.
I think you misunderstood me though with the temperment thing. My dogs if given the right chance would love to tear something four legged . I have cats, rats, mice, and countless other animals in my home, and these guys wouldnt dare touch them. In the streets running amuck on the other hand is a different story. They do have the fighting throw thier chest at everything attitude, but this is where I have control of them on a leash. And yes, they are well disciplined in that respect.
As for conformation of the bandogges, I have bred for the size, body and bone structure much like the staff, but in a bigger frame.
As for the temperment, I have bred for the gentle guardian that the neo is. Thier hips and eyes are great, no displaisia, no cherry eyes, no cleftpallets, and no bone deformaties. I have also found that 'pure'bred dogs, because of the breedings and lineages, for example dobies with heart defects, scipperkies (sp) for seizures, rotts for cancers and heart defects, shephards for displaisia,.etc. that with the cross of the staff and the neo, the line is stronger and not as defined as a 'pure' blood line would be.
Judt me opinion though.

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