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good points beth, only thing i don't agree with really is the socialization factor....true ALMOST any dog can be brought up to be a good canine citizen...2 of my dogs have there CGC amd have been temperment tested and passed with flying for the socialization..thats a little different with APBT's most with show heritage in their blood, ie the UKC dogs make great loving pets that get along great with most animals...but you can't really tell me you could take a pup from game bred line, such as say a jeep/redboy breeding...have it from 8 weeks, socialize the heck out of it, never encouraging fighting, and think that dogi s going to still get along with other dogs....9 times out of 10 it's going to snap and tear that other dog to shreds, you can try...but instincts over power...i've seen it many times
i'm with you on how it is the responsiblility of the breeder, every single puppy i sell goes with a spay/neuter contract...some go with show contracts and no breeding contracts and very very very few are sold as dogs are all judged by their conformation, and temperment, and if i had an unstable dog it would be snipped right away, wouldn't be bred...the puppies are played with right away, just like you say...
and you say you breed your bandogges to conformation, i'm just curious whats the conformation of bandogges?
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