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I don't want to step on any toes here, but I think some of you are being a bit hypocritical here on the topic of 'pitts'. First of all, do you all know the extent of surgery that a dog has to endure to have 2/3 of thier ears cut off for esthetic purposes? I think that that alone is animal abuse. I personally am involved with many veternarian clinics in and around BC, and every one of those clinics with the exception of one, refuse to dock ears on any breed of dog.
Secondly, I personally have been breeding dogs for 11 years, and I find it hard to believe that you place the blame soully on the buyer of the dogs. It starts with the seller, such as myself. I breed bandogges, bred for temperment and confirmation, and careful genetic consideration goes into the breeding of these breeds together. For each and every litter of puppies that I have born in my home, they are raised with other animals and children. The puppies are handled from day 1 even by my kids, and the mom is fine with that. She is also confortable in having visitors in and mucking around in her puppies box.
When it comes time for puppies to go to thier new homes, I personally choose a puppy for a family, and the buyers are all seriously questioned of thier home, lifestyles, family, etc. On many occasions I have told people to leave without a puppy. This is where the sellers are wrong.
The only reasons these breeds have developed a horrid reputation is first of all, thier ancestory was originally bred for big game fighting and hunting. Bred for fighting bears and big game. This is where the airheads in mankind took it upon themselves to use them as 'pit' dogs. They are a very standoffish breed, and do not mingle well in packs. This is the way they were bred, its thier nature. It is then up to the owner of the dogs to socialize thier dogs properly. My dogs are both 145+ lbs, and myself 100 lbs, and I am totally confident in taking a walk with BOTH of them on a leash through a park by myself. They have been taught properly on behavior, with positive reinforcement. Sure, they would love to have a go at any four legged creature that crosses thier paths, but that is thier nature, what they have been bred for for centuries. My dogs are also raised indoors and sleep nightly with my children, and are solcialized with everyone that comes into my home. But I know that if they ever got the chance to run amuck around the neighbourhood, they would have a ball treeing cats and so forth. It is the owners of dogs that are neglecting thier responsibilities as dog owners, not the dogs themselves. I also have a policy, that each and every puppy that leaves my home, has a come back policy, for any reason what so ever, to ensure they have a proper home. I DO know where each and every one of my dogs go, and I do stay in contact with each and every buyer.
I dont think it is fair that you think 'purebred' dogs are the only way to go and that only those breeders should be able to have puppies. The paperwork that comes from both CKC and AKC is just that, a piece of paper. Heck, I personally can get a registration for most breeds of dogs without them being 'registerable' to begin with. The BIG breeders are some of the worst dog breeders out there. And some of them are those 'puppy mills' you see and hear so many horrid stories about.
I commend you all on the adopting of rescue animals, but I don't think it is fair to condone breeders or buyers of this type of dog. I
agree that there needs to be some responsibility on the part of the buyer to ensure thier puppies are raised and cared for properly, but it starts with the breeder, properly interviewing each and every person before they are able to own a puppy. The general public has made a mountain out of a mole hill as they are only prejudice against this 'breed' of dog by the negative publicity.
I just wanted to share my views and opinions on the 'pitt' breed that you are talking about. It is the dogs nature to hunt or be hunted, irregardless of the home or the upbringing. Heck, my dogs would love to throw thier chests at another dog as they walk by, but I do not allow that, and the dogs know the difference.
You all have beautiful looking animals by the way, and again, I commend you on your 'rescues'.
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