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There's a big problem with breeding animals and simply re-introducing them to the wild. If you're breeding animals that live in , say Africa, but you live in BC, by reintroducing them back into Africa they will not have the proper instincts to survive, which would consequently end in their death. They won't know how to hunt for themselves and how to fend for themselves. This is why most breeding programs or attempts are situated in a zoo setting, and animals very rarely get reintroduced to the wild. Most animals that ARE reintroduced are animals that have been removed from the wild in the first place and already have some notion of the instincts, such as an injured animal. I think it's really cool of you to want to do this, but you've gotta realize that it's an EXTREMELY hard task... Now if you're just going to breed them and raise them on the land your grandmother will give/sell you, it might be a more realistic and rewarding experience. (well it would still be extremely hard, but you know) The reintroducing part is what the major problem is! Well I still wish you good luck and hope you find a way to work with animals for your living.


PS - PM me & I'll tell you what my plan is to do my part in helping animals
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