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Fluker Farms International Reptile, Iguanas Tropicales and the
Reptile Republic are controled by Howard Fluker(note the name in the email is Howard reversed). Fluker Farms is controled by David his brother. Seperate companies that share many of the same stockholders.

Silke, yes it was, and was going to give away 2 bearded dragons daily for the months of August and September, but they stopped it a few weeks into the contest, due to the complaints from people receiving very ill, infected animals

Lisa, you can learn a lot about them by going the the RR website that was listed previously by dead bob and go to forums>>>bearded dragons and read the post by people who received bearded dragons direct from them from 8/22 for the next week(there were post prior to that, but those have been deleted). That can tell you more than you probably ever want to know about Reptile Republic or have to experience first hand.

dead bob "Looks like one heck of an operation too" go back to the site and really look at it. The chat rooms are disabled, live vet it advertizes is gone, and the forums died after the diseased bearded dragons they shipped became so known and discussed, even with them deleting many post and banning many words like adenovirus in post, there is still enough there to see what happened and what this company was doing. The post up there still show the banning certain words in post. It appears that RR has abandoned the site basically. I wonder if they even realize it is still accessible as a monument to their past actions, or how long it will be?

Thats not the first time they have done something like this, several years ago it went on for months also with their diseased iguana's.

Sadly, that was forgotten as new people entered the hobby and were not aware of the history of this company, also as this last round with BD will probably be forgotten and move on to the next species.

Let hope this time he finds someone willing to take a position with a company with that rep that knows a bit more about the basic health and well being of the animals and not just mass producing them for profit

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