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Right... just because it needs to be said, it's "ColOmbian Boa" they come from ColOmbia, it's a country- I'm sure you'd get uppity if someone regularly and repeatedly spelled "Canada" as "Caneda", have some respect.

... And Boa constrictor subspecies and locale specific animals are still the same species, just subgroups of that based off geography or phenotype...

Working off the size recommendations given as a maximum, childrens and spotted pythons would fit, rosy and rubber boas and quite a few colubridines that nobody bothered mentioning- Pitouphis, most ratsnakes, kings, some milks, Spilotes...
-Seamus Haley
"Genes, Like Leibnitz's monads, have no windows; the higher properties of life are emergent... And once assembled, organisms have no windows." - Edward Wilson, Sociobiology
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