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I know it will take up my life but they do anyway, animals I mean. So I figure I should do something I really love. As for space they won't be "pets" they would be bred to be re-introduced into the wild. I have tons of land my grandmother would sell or give to me, so they'd have tons of room. I would never have them live in the house. As for money I agree with the fallback thing, but I plan on also breeding some easy non-endangered animals to help out. I mean something like dogs that do not need THAT much money. Don't get me wrong it cost to have them but it's cheaper to raise them on the side for a profit then say horses, or some thing like that. I do have a lot of planning to do yet. I don't think this would become reality for me for at least another 5-10 years or so. Depends on funds and schooling.
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