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grant..good questions, i too think only registered breeding should go on...not only with APBT's but all breeds, there are too many DOGS period in shelters around the world, if only registered breedings were taking place i know for a fact that number would drop dramatically..i breed my dogs every 2nd to 3rd heat..not many litters, but all mine with the acception of chuckie, rescue, are UKC and ADBA registered, and 2 are purple ribbon and from Gr Champion bloodlines...the puppies are sold before their even born, pit bulls are wonderful sweet smart dogs, that are the most athletic and versitile working dogs in the world...yet because of all this backyard breeding and the fact 'it's coo' to own tough dogs, there are soo many inbreedings and unstable dogs being produced, thats what you hear about in the news...when do you hear about the golden retreiver that bit the kids face...never...but i garuntee you that happens a lot more,,,i'm just rambling now...i love the breed...
hey yours get along at all with other dogs?
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