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Re: how to use General Discussion

Originally Posted by ZARADOZIA View Post
I have hand sanitizer in every vehicle, including saddle bag on Harley. Every one must wash their hands as soon as they come inside.
I wear gloves when I am cooking and handling raw meat.
I wash my hands about 50 times while cooking dinner.
....I could go on

Ok I also have hand sanitizer in both my trucks and keep some in my pocket when out and about shopping and what not. I hate gloves though, something about them irritates the crap out of me. I do wash my hands after I handle raw meat but only maybe 2 times while cooking.

Originally Posted by infernalis View Post
Guess I must be really screwed up, I always wash my hands before I go to the bathroom.
After working in the construction trade and doing a lot of plumbing, I ALWAYS wash my hands prior to using the restroom. The simple thought of what is on my hands after working and it having any chance of getting on any other part of me makes me sick.
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