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All right, I read all the responses to the thread, tHeGiNo, you DARE start a thread like this without expecting a fight. SO FAR, everyone seems to be getting along, but wait, you just wait, until all the militants come out of the woodwork. The Starbucks lovers vs. the Him Hortons sympathisers, the Tea People vs. the Coffee People, two sugars vs. three sugars, one sugar vs. no sugar, the caffeine-loving jitterbugs vs. near-comatose decaffers. This is a powder keg waiting to ignite if I've ever seen one!!! You just wait, you'll see, mark my words. If I've ever seen a war waiting to happen, it is starting a thread about sugar in coffee. Sure it was done in jest, but the repricusions (sp?) could be devistating. Let the words begin!!! (p.s. already in therapy).
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