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I would have to agree with that nature dose do a great jod :O) but sadly our world is falling apart and some times nature canít get things done, as for the papers I do have documents and permits saying that my house is legally allowed to contain Canadian wild life, for the purpose of rehabilitation.

As for The snake, it is now in a safe tucked away area of forest where I am sure it will live a long and happy life.

As for my pervious post my tone was not one of disrespect, and Iím sorry if it read that way, I apologize.

But please understand Iím not doing this for fun, I assure you I am not. I have had to watch many times as garter snakes or frogs die because people run them over or spray around their pesticides. I help thatís all, I donít go around looking for wild life to keep as a pet and I just want to make sure everyone knows that. It was a mistake; I thought the snake was a Corn snake (not native to Canada) and that it looked sickly, which was proven true.

Please donít think of me as some awful person holding wild life captive Iím not. as I said before I was trying to help. The snake was not handled (it was avoided up until we administrating fluids) and then warmed up and re-released. The only thing I would take back is the man handling done buy the children that found it. I hope this clears up our little disagreement.
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