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Angry Negativity in the forums.

Ok guys, i have asked that there be no negative comments made towards any member or non member of these forums in the past. The last few days have been really hectic and i wont let the forums turn into a stomping grounds. If people would like to share there negative opinions on someone or a reptile related buisness, please take it to places that are made for these sort of things. for example. This stands for everyone, mods, members, guests etc.... I have worked hard to keep these forums on the up and up and they will continue to be that way. With the site growing in numbers it is harder to please everyone so this is taking affect immediatly. If you have something negative to say about someone, use a site that is available for these kind of threads and posts. The CBOI was removed but that doesnt mean that we will use our general discussion for such threads. I have alot of other things forum related to do every night (updates, reviewing logs, etc) and having to police the forums just does not fit into the picture. Lets try to keep things positive. is offline  
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