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Update about snake abuser I told you all about.

Ok, well I talked to my pricipal about him and she felt the same way i did about the situation for she and her husband has some snakes, anyways, she decided to give him money for the next time he needed to take his snake to the vet!!!!! AAH!! I was like, oh yeah and he is probably just going to use it for himself or go buy more animals! ( i didnt say that to her though cuz she is to sweet to yell at) But now that i think of it, just as long as NONE of his animals suffer like Tickles the boa had to. Oh, and she also said that if any animals are to be kept by anyone in the school ,they must be VERY WELL taken care of ! oh, and this week, he just got 2 new skinks and an iguana!! UGGHH! that man just needs to learn to tell people that he doesnt have anymore room for the damn animals!! GEEZ!!!
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