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Interesting question, and SERIOUS!

I've been reading the posts about the improper husbandry and what nots in certain stores and peoples collections. Something popped into my mind as I realized how many people have given me business cards and links to their websites. These people have been offering me animals and agreeing to keep me stocked for years with their CB animals, as they plan to expand their "businesses". I'd like to know how many people out their, who constantly post animals for sale and do the shows, have websites and business cards, actually have "LEGAL BUSINESS PERMITS" and pay their taxes? I'd like to know this, because I highly doubt the majority of people actually do this. If i wasn't paying the government (and others) 40% of what I pull in, not including labour, I could hire 2 extra people to give "proper" maintenance to my animals. If you are a breeder and selling herps here or at shows, and not paying your dues, yet complaining about others who do, this may be a breaking point in the "PET STORE VS PRIVATE BREEDER DEBATE".
Just my 2 cents, bring on the responces..................

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