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I don't think a day will ever come where I will rave about a store, but...

I will not gloat and rave about PCPC, I have only been in the actual store once, and I wasn't horribly impressed. But Grant has always been good to me, and the fact remains that PCPC is one of the founding sources for reptiles in Canada, and supports the industry (in ways such as the Metro Toronto Reptile Expo and providing hobbyists with animals that they may have trouble attaining in Canada's struggling industry). I have purchased animals from Grant in the past (one of which is the most beautiful little redfoot I have ever course that is the most unbiased opinion o> jk), and have plans on it in the future. There's definitely alot I don't agree with, but on the other hand there is also alot of good. By the sounds of all the testimonies it sounds like I may have just stepped in on a bad day, so I am looking forward to being pleasantly surprised in the future
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