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regarding Grant / PCPC

I admit it,

The first time I went to his store I was a bit skepticle and judgemental and told many ppl how I was disapointed with the care of his animals.. Many cages were dirty and many animals were not in the best of conditions .. since then, I have gone several times in the past 2 years and I can tell you ..I simply went on a bad day!

I have a lot of respect for Grant. I have purchaseda few animals from a caimen to a carpet to even my rock python ... wich have done all amazing as well..

Everytime I have been there he has helped me out .. answered questions .. even found me a hotel when I need a place to sleep over..

Where I work, we have over 250+ animals and at times its dirty and at others its clean .. after feeding 15 snapers fish, the next day or two after .. u have no idea how bad it smells.. bad enough to make u think they had not been cleaned out in months!

My point is, he is a man who has worked ofr a wel deserved reputation .. true i would not keep my animals as he does BUT they are only temporary cage until YOU give em the loving home they need.. Petstores are here to stay and as much as i hate em because anybody can aquire an animal, I have been able to find many interesting and hard to find animals through Grant ..

I look fowar d to seeing waht he has to offer...

Just my thougs

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