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Ottawa's laws used to be the same until the 1st of January this month .. what happenned is that there was lots of discussion between the local reptile zoo and local reptile association and many talks and eventually it got some what resolved ..

So basicaly, maybe the formation of a local herp group and added pressure on the politicians might be able to get some balls rolling although trust me this will not be effective anytime soon .. it took Ottawa a good yearof debate and even after it was decided an other long period to actually implement the new by-laws..

Remember there bylaws .. they only will act on an infraction if they get a complain .. I have kept pythons in Ottawa for several years even though b4 theu were no legal but if no one complains then no one gets in troubl .. Even some by-law officers knew I had some (like a ball python) and they were more intrigued by it then anything

Hope this helps
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