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To Asphixia

Hey bud,

Empty your mail box.. i can't reply to you pm's!

Here is my response..

Hello Brian,

I have only produced so far 19 eggs but all of them were slugs.. so until I succesfully do it .. I hope I will someday although only time will tell .. I have no cb - they are much harder to find..

Ravi from is the only one who bred them in the past 10 years (from what I know) and he is not breeding them as we speak so not sure if he would have some for sale. I know he talkked at some point about breeding his F1 cb generation but ud have to get ure friend to correspond to him in order to get the correct info..

Yes I am interested in his savanah .. Foward me is email and as much info as u can, like size age diet etc... colours history?

Thanks Brian..

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**looking for female Bredl's python**
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