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Hey Grant.
We got him Jan. 13th although we've been waiting for him for over a month. The foster family had to ensure he wasn't dog aggressive. He's not. We adopted him from a group in Toronto. They are listed in @ this website. If you go into the "dogs for adoption" at the top and find "Canada and Alaska". He should still be in the second listing down. They have him as "Jacob".
On this website will be things that will break you heart. Pitty abuse the likes you've never known. Dogs having their ears cut off with scissors buy fighters, pups with missing eyes that have been booted out of them buy owners thinking it'll make 'em better fighters. Starved on purpose pitts, you name it, it's in there. There are also great stories of pittys winning and getting the recignition they deserve.
Apollo just needs some discipline and he'll adjust fine. He's a little wild and tries to hump my little female all the time. The bigger male we own (also a rescue) isn't sure he likes him yet, but hasen't done too much except growl and bark.
Who couldn't love the little bugger.
And yeah Grant that pink nose sniffin' you face in the morning is one of the best ways to wake. I'll post pics of the 3 dogs soon.

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