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Ok, well I have just read every single post on this thread and thought I just HAD to post something. Alright, well being relatively knew into the herp community, I am not the most informed. I will state that I have heard slander about PCPC, from others not on this forum. I just thought I would say they are not all together a bad company, or to my perspective not a bad company at all! I had just recently purchased a CH Ball Python and besides the whopping price I paid of 190, lol, I am extremely pleased with the quality of the animal presented. He is feeding like a pig and is mite free. I couldn't be happier with my newly found friend, and thought I would just state that. I do not want to elaborate on anything anyone has said as I do not wish to flare up another argument. However I would like to say the following: before you slander a company as a whole, or an individual, think of what they do and put yourself in their position before you decide to trash talk. That is it
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