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My main point (which i think alot of you missed) is that the profit is put before the animals too often these days.

If you truely understood the reptile industry as much as you claim to, "having worked in 3 different pet stores.......", you would not have attributed/instigated this slanderous thread. Instead you've decided to point fingers at retail stores (one in particular) for some sort of self gratification. Get a grip on reality and don't talk about things that you haven't seen for yourself, nor even inquired about.

Without Grant there would be a bylaw in Toronto that would read "NO reptiles." I'm sure no one understands the effort he and very few followers went through to have this changed and settled on a reasonable bylaw.

Without Grant there would be a lot fewer private breeders. Instead of bashing w/c's and so on, why not think about why 90% of the store consists of CB baby snakes/lizards/etc. Did you also know that he spends more money buying from Canadian breeders in order to support the hobby here and not save a few bucks by bying them in the US?

Just the tip of the iceburg.........
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