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Gvg, Very good points.

However, i worked in 3 seperate pet stores. One running a reptile dept all on my own. We had at least 100 animals, and i was taking care of all of them making minimum wage. I worked in a mall, forced to deal with a HUGE flow of customers, and answer alot of phone calls, as well as deal with these wholesalers(all of which for min wage). It isnt an easy job. i completely 100% agree. Just keeping a store open is an amazing feat these days with all of the taxes. I just do not agree with the current ethics, and my point of view wont change until i see some changes, BUT as i said, iam a little guy my opinion means diddly squat .
But as you said everyone has to make money, and as monica said he has been around for a long time. And i do applaud him for that. I dont think many people would be able to run an independent pet store for the amount of time that he has. is offline