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on the subject of pet shops in generel, ppl really have to realize that unlike a private breeder,......

with 300 animals in tight fitting rubbermaid racks and condensed stackable plastic and melamine enclosures with paper towel as substrate, sterile water bowls, and one hide, if any,

a store has that many animals, if not more, along with many different species, with different requirements, then most keepers could care to keep, not to mention the fact that most pet stores need to keep there animals in visible aquariums, with attractive looking substrates, vines, etc ... something i know all private breeders would go insane trying to maintain on a daily, or up to the hour cleanliness. And keeping every single enclosures substrate completely clean by changing them daily or weekly is alot of money down the drain.

Along with...100+ customers comming through daily asking questions, calling for directions, prices, animal inquiries, and so on and so on. Not to mention getting up EVERY DAY, Doing the same thing day in and day out to hundreds of animals. Along with daily/weekly/monthly "owning a business" duties like accounting, etc...
As well as bad times like some of our candian stores are having right now, still having to pay employees to stay in the store and clean poop all day.
And to put the cherry on the top, having your inventory, along with wholesaling if applicable, changing daily and weekly. Thats like a private breeder having hundreds of animals comming in and born weekly, having to get them all quarantined, fed, wormed, etc...then sold, then doing it all over again the next week for 52 weeks a year.
Just to keep your customers happy and to pay the bills.
Sounds like a great job eh?

With all this said, give pet shops a break, i know i wouldn't be in this hobby if there were no pet shops around.
This isn't directly related to Grant Crossman, whos in question, but all pet shops everywhere.
Sure, most of the pet stores keep animals in less then perfact conditions, to what i would keep em. But thats life.
Thats why we are keepers/breeders and they are pet shop owners. 99% of us on these forums could not handle the pet shop life.
I have a hard enough time settleing in 5 new aquisitions.
let alone running a buisness and dealing with hundreds of animals.

Personally, i dont like the way most animals are kept in pet shops, as thats not what i would keep them like.
But what are they're options?
The standards of keeping reptiles are quickly rising, and most pet shops are slowly following.
And to think, highly Respected Mr. Roy Stockwell, used to keep bloods in plastic garbage cans as thats how they got them to feed and stay healthy back in the 80's.
Times are changin, dont be so quick to lay the slap down.
I know i have in the past, and after reading this thread, i think ill give pet shops a little more slack then what i did b4.
It all cant be perfect, but its those that rise above and beyond to mimic private breeders that should be acknowledged, not the less then perfect ones getting bashed.
Look around, these stores are open.

Grant van Gameren
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