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hello, i just want to include, We have been to Port Credit, and I never seen anything wrong with the way the animals are kept there. All the enclousers seemed to be clean and well kept. It was nice to see such a large selection of reptiles. We even held a few of the snakes and on a closer inspection, the animals we held at least seemed to be extremely healthy and alert. I understand the work which is involved in caring for alot of animals. My boyfriend has been keeping snakes since he was in grade school, and since he has been in his early teens he has always kept over 50 animals at one time. We presently have over 300 boa's that are in our own personal collection. Its a constant choir changing and cleaning their bins, we keep them in a rack system, its easier maintainance. We use paper towels, and although this may be more costly then newspaper, it cleaner and healthier for the animals. We also house well over 100 colubrids and they are the messiest of them all, their bins get washed and changed twice a week. But there are days when we come in and it seemed that every single animals decided to soil their enclousers at the same time. A conspiracy I tell yeah!!! *LOL* But if someone was to come in on that day, they would think we keep our animals in poor condition. Come back later on that day and then seen how they ar kept. So sure one might go into Port Credit Pets in the morning and see that some of the enclousers are soiled, but come back later on that day and see the difference. Grant has some really hard workers in his store, I seen how busy they keep themselves personally. So I would venture to say that one can not truly cast an oppinion on a place unless they have visited it time and time again and then only then can they make an honest opinion, so unless you have seen psps on a number of visit then I say, dont be so quick to judge.
Grant has been in this business for many years, you dont have that kind of longevity unless you are doing something right. So if he had such poor quality animals then why has he lasted so long.
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