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Look, i didnt mean for this post to go this far. I just wanted to see how others saw PCPC. And i felt that Aztec fred's post was well done. Ultimatly theres nothing that can be done, iam a little guy with absolutly no say in what goes on. So dont let my opinion bother you. Its just my opinion, wrong or right iam still entitled to it. I dont need endless responses trying to convince me that iam wrong to change my mind. Grant is a helpful guy, I know this. I never said he wasnt. I just really dont agree with the large amounts of animals coming in and out if they aren't prepared to handle it. And no, i've never been in that situation of having that many animals to care for at once, and my collection is only about 25 animals, so i could only imagine. But my question to myself is, would i put myself in that situation? I mean, i have a hard enough time caring for my collection. The store is there on a typical 9-5. Their job is the animals. If i was with my collection 9-5 it would be completely immaculent. I apologize for any stupidity or false opinions that this may have caused, ive been in the hobby for a couple of years and worked in a few stores to know what kind of crap goes on in the trade, and its pretty depressing. Iam not out to attack individuals, i just think about the animals. is offline