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how exactly is a store that has as many animals "weekly" go in and out supposed to quarantne you can have a quarantine room sure but you get say 10 burms this week put them in the quaratine room next week you get 10 balls where are you supposed to put them? you cant put them on the floor and you cant put them in the room with the burms because if you did the burms would have to stay in quarantine even longer there fore nothing would ever leave the quarantine room period because as more animals go into said room they could affect the animals that have been there for an month.
I have delt with grant on many occasions and bought n many hard to find snakes etc from him .If you as a buyer did the right steps when gettting and animal such as quarantining YOUR new arrivals and knowing they are coming from a store that deals in as many reptiles as grants then you as an experienced well researched buyer should have no problem.
Also you have to realize that grant also takes unwanted animals that the public walk through the door with,which accounts for many of the animals that are underweight or have scars etc. and are not that way do to the condition grant keeps them in.
And as far as grant earning respect in the reptile world all you have to do is pay attention to what goes on around and you can see ,when boamania asked for help when he had bad luck while everyone else was treating him like@##$ Grant was the one who stepped up and gave him feeders (another store that could possibly take potential bussiness away) yet he gratiously offered his assistance.its stuff like this that has given Grant his well deserved respect!!!
and as far as our little gold trophies they are there because we care enough to give back to this site for our endless hours we enjoy from it!
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