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Jeff on top of that. IMO once again, i feel that you shouldnt keep that many animals if you arent prepared to make staff available to care for them as need be.

Instead of ordering, say 60 savannah monitors and cramming them into a tank for the sole purpose of making a buck by wholesaling them. Why not buy 10? and as you need more, order more. Or expand your space as silke said if you recieve that many. And jeff, you say your conditions are comparible. Iam sure you have a thing called quarentine methods dont you? I really really doubt your methods are anything like theirs.

I dont want to argue to much about this, just because I like this website, I thinK jeff, and the other mods do a great job and are very helpful. I just added to this post as i read aztec freds thread and like i said, it all related. is offline