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oh man oh man. Reading the post by matt, man that was arrogant!!

Aztec Fred is an American speaking of problems down there and what flips him off. So i stated we have the same thing up here. a respected store, and a respected guy, and most of us cant understand what he's respected for? (refer to silkes post) I dont think i even had to mention the store name, everyone probably had a good drift of what i was talking about.

And matt, i dont dislike the store because i dont like Grant or something. or because i don't like its name. I dont like the store because of the conditions the animals are kept, and i feel a store like that should not profit from this or even be allowed to remain open. I think thats a very good reason NOT to bite my tongue. or tie my fingers in this case..

I figured id give my opinion as this thread opened my eyes to some problems our way. If people choose to ignore it. fine go for it. everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. I dont see where i once said in my post that others shouldn't shop there. I feel between mine and Fred's post they should be able to put one and one together, and make their own decision. I dont "bite" my tongue when animals are being "abused". I've only been in the store a couple of times, and the conditions IMHO were atrocious. is offline