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Glad I read this

Well last night I decide to go to a local pet store to pick up some incubator supplies and saw they had sub-adult female BP in. After some thought I decided to get her. When I got her home I gave her a good soak and threw away the sack I brought her home in (as per Kahanes post). When I removed her from her bath I noticed a few mites in the water. Since I had just happened to read through this thread earlier in the day I knew what to do. I got a bottle of Nix, diluted it and proceeded to spray everything in my condo which was or had been close to my new BP. I just wanted to thank everyone who posted on this thread because it prepared me for last night. I do have a few questions. How many times should I treat her with Nix? I moved her to a freshly "Nixed" enclosure this morning and found 15-20 dead mites in her previous enclosure, should I just keep doing this till I don't find anymore?


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