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ok Jeff...i have held my tongue...
over turned water bowls and poop aside there are other conditions which can make for a worse impression such as cramped enclosures and insufficient lighting and these are conditions which are within a keepers control and are not things that can change from one minute to another
there is no excuse for cramped enclosures...if you know you are getting animals in you prepare for it and have things ready ahead of time
we are not talking about newbies who need to do research ahead of time but about people who have been doing this for years
now i'm sure some of you will be more than willing to point out that i have not been 'herping' for very long and i am not Nearly as experienced as you may be but these are lives that we are responsible for and some things should be common sense

PS - AztecFred - way to open a Big Ole can of worms dude !!!
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