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I do not own any re d foots but we do have four large redfoots at work .. during the winter they are kept in a 5 by 10 enclosure (on display) and during the summerdays .. they are taken outside for a goood 7 hours a day .. It seems to be a very good mix for them .. although all Our lightings for totoises are uv.. Wich they greatly need..

Don't know what else to tell you .. hmm .. maybe if u do take them outside to make sure that the grass and dandylions (sorry i'm french and dont know how to spell it) are not sprayed with pesticides .. THEY LOVE dandylions!

Personlly some of the most beutiful totoises i have seen - they are up there with the spur thights for me!

Best of luck ..

If u have any other question .. try to be specific .. i might be able to help or find the info for you..

Take care
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