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I was totally shocked and very impressed to hear that my friend ParticleMan was given a job as reptile manager at one of the Pet____ chains in Phoenix, AZ. He is a stickler for proper husbandry and also talks people out of buying reptiles if it sounds like they are unwilling or unable to provide proper care. He's pulled almost all the animals off bark and calcium sand and put them on safer substrates and has wangled a grocery store budget to buy greens, veggies and fruit.

Still the store manager stands by him and defends him to the district manager because they no longer have so many returns on sick or dying animals and have not lost a single animal in the store excepting dead on arrival shipments in the time he's worked there. Sales of reptiles are down since he took over, but profits are up significantly. They love the fact that he sells the proper setup items along with the animals. That's where the real money is for chain stores anyhow. Plus he will suggest a pet that might fit their lifestyle better, such as a bird, chinchilla, etc. to try and help sales in other departments.

Once in a great while even a chain store has management that will allow a dedicated reptile keeper room and a budget to get things done. Don't rule a chain completely out if you have a chance to talk with management and they seem to have open minds. It's good to get folks working on those chains from the inside as well as protesting their practices from the outside.
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