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Ok, all personal feelings aside here, i can speak for myself with a 15 animal collection, there are days when i walk into my reptile room in the morning and it is just crazyness, if someone was with me they would probably think i kept my animals in poor conditions but really i just saw the mess and it needs to be cleaned up. This is with 15 animals. Could you imgaine 250+ animals, lizards, colubrids, not just boids who poop once every 2 weeks, plus wholesale going out the back everyday, to all over the gta. People dont see the big picture, i have been there more times then i can count and sure a few times i saw a messy cage, but other times it was pristine conditions. There is no way you can run a operation like that and have it 100% clean 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Reptiles are messy animals, they do to there habitiat how they see fit, flip water bowls, defecate wherever and whenever they choose to, the messes are cleaned up as quickly as they are found. The "bad rep" that they have is mostly from people who feel the need to jump on the bandwagon. I am not defending anyone here, i am stating the reality of owning a reptile operation of that size, retail and wholesale and from my personal experiences in going there on "numorous"occassions. is offline